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HC Forklift Truck Range
Ride on Pallet 2000kg
Ride on pallet truck designed and built to meet the demands of high density warehousing and manufacturing applications.
Stacker 800kg-2000kg
A low gravity centred design and high strength steel plate structure enables larger residual capacities
Reach 1200kg-2000kg
Space saving design which enables it to excel in a number of applications.
3 Wheeler 1300kg-2000kg
A compact design and small turning radius, resulting in greater maneuverability in confined spaces
4 Wheeler 1000kg-3500kg
Built with a shorter turning radius, it provides greater manoeuvrability in confined aisles.
LPG/Diesel 1000kg-12000kg
A combination of powerful and clean engines helps to reduce the output of undesirable substances over the lifetime of the truck.
Rough Terrain 2500kg-3000kg
A short distance to ground enables a very low centre of gravity, boosting manoeuvrability and helping to keep the truck moving in the toughest applications
Tow Tractor 2000kg-6000kg
Comes with a rugged, compact design for increased durability. A built-in seat helps to reduce fatigue over a long period, increasing productivity.
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New Arrivals
Flexi Narrow Aisle 1500KG
LINDE V10 1000KG
HC XF18L 1800KG
CAT DP25N 2500KG
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