• Sean Cook

Are you over-trucked?

Renewing a truck fleet brings consolidation opportunities ....

When the time comes to change a large mixed forklift fleet operating over various sites the opportunity arises to consolidate truck numbers and improve efficiency for a new fleet.

Having a mixed fleet of different truck makes can mean a mixed level of handling reliability so it pays to consider a rationalisation programme involving only one truck source so that the need for consolidation ensures the right number of trucks with the right specification at each site.

Practically, that can only be achieved by sourcing machines from big truck manufacturers like Toyota, Yale, Linde, Jungheinrich, Doosan and Mitsubishi.

Relying on a large forklift dealer might not be the best approach because they may recommend a truck mix that involves too many trucks, partly because they have overlooked (deliberately or otherwise) certain trucks and their attachments that could reduce truck numbers.

First and foremost, the choice of a right materials handling supplier is crucial. This means you’re your chosen partner must not only offer the full range of trucks for short term demand but also the flexibility within contracts to change against handling and storage requirements.

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