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Model of the Month....

Model of the month....


The Ultimate In Agile Power

When efficiency, maneuverability, and power are a must, the new HC A-Series 4,000 - 4,900 kg 4-wheel Electric Forklift lights up the warehouse floor. Thanks to its compact design and shorter turning radius the electric forklift shines when space is limited, providing greater performance in the tightest aisles.

✔ Broad mast view increases visibility/ safety ✔ MOSFET controller provides a more accurate control ✔ Lift heights up to 6 metres

60-Second Side Battery Change Challenge

Thanks to regenerative braking, energy is recovered during braking so it can be conserved and re-used. This timely energy boost allows even more work on a single charge, ensuring greater efficiency. What’s more, when time is of the essence, the side battery can be swapped over in less than a minute, making it suitable for continuous, fast paced working conditions.

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