• Sean Cook

When size really does matter!

We recently got in touch with a customer who was in desperate need of replacing their 1500kgs electric forklift, as it was no longer capable of lifting to the capacity that was required.

The stumbling block was that their aisles in the racking was only 2.8m wide! With the customer needing to lift in the region of 2500kgs it was definitely going to be a tight fit.

Fortunately for us, we had the perfect truck coming in to stock! A brilliant example of a well maintained vehicle, this was a 2013 Yale unit that had only done 4700 hours from new! The beauty of this truck was that, as it was a compact model, it was capable of working in aisles right down to 2.6m, so we knew that this would fit the bill entirely!

As a small family run business, we want to make sure that we look after our customers wherever possible; to make sure this forklift provided longevity and peace of mind, we provided a brand new set of forks, replacing the 1200mm forks with 1000mm instead, just to give the driver a bit of extra room!

The truck is now in its new home and working hard to contribute to the needs of a business who are developing medical and pharmaceutical equipment to supply globally! Given everything going on in the world currently, it is so important that we are supporting the key workers and helping to ensure their daily business is uninterrupted wherever possible!

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